Polar Bear Math

Polar Plotting with TI-83/84 Calculators

Set your calculator in "degree" mode and "polar" graphing mode (MODE key)

TI-83 Mode Screen

Set the graph window parameters (WINDOW key)

TI-83 Window Screen TI-83 Window Screen

Graph a few functions, for example

TI-83 Y= Screen
TI-83 Graph Screen

Try some other functions, for example \(r=sin(N\theta)+C\) where \(N\) is an integer and \(C\) is any number.

Add a cosine into the mix, try \(r=sin(2\theta)+cos(3\theta)+1.5\). (This is a bit too big to show with the window settings from above; use ZOOM FIT, ZOOM SQUARE to see it.)

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