Keuffel & Esser 4083-3
Log Log Duplex Vector
slide rule
slide rule
slide rule
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ManufacturerKeuffel & Esser
Model4083-3 Log Log Duplex Vector
Serial No.231293
Scale length25 cm
Overall length31.8 cm
Width4.0 cm
Body/Slide materialsCelluloid on Mahogany
Post materialsMetal
Cursor materialsCelluloid / Metal / Glass
Scales LL02 LL03 DF [CF CIF CI C] D LL3 LL2
Sh1 Sh2 Th A [B T SRT S] D DI LL01 LL1
AccessoriesK+E 4081 manual (1945) and 4083 supplement (1939).
Tan leather case with clip ring (no clip).
NotesReplacement lower cursor bar.
Tag No.KE-4083-3