Lafayette F-428
slide rule
slide rule
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Serial No.
Scale length25 cm / (28.4 cm extended)
Overall length35.3 cm
Width4.6 cm
Body/Slide materialsPlastic on Bamboo
Post materialsMetal
Cursor materialsNylon / Plastic
Scales LL/1 LL/2 LL/3 DF [CF CIF CI C] D LL3 LL2 LL1
LL/0 L K A [B S ST T C] D DI P LL0
AccessoriesBrown leather case good condition.
Notes The heads of the post screws are buggered.
This is a rebranded Relay/Ricoh 151. Compare with Jason 803 and Lutz 151P.
Tag No.LF-F428-1