Pickett & Eckel Model N3-T
Power Log Exponential
slide rule
slide rule
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ManufacturerPickett & Eckel
Serial No.
Scale length25 cm
Overall length30.8 cm
Width5.2 cm
Body/Slide materialsAluminum, 2.5 mm, tension springs
Post materialsStamped aluminum (curved cutout)
Cursor materialsNylon / Plastic (groved, flat)
Scales { } K A [B {ST S:S} {T T} CI C] D DI 3√ {3√ 3√}
{LL0+ LLO-} {LL1+ LL1-} DF [CF CIF {Ln L} CI C] D {LL2+ LL2-} {LL3+ LL3-}
AccessoriesBrown leather case w/ plastic insert, good condition.
NotesNote that lower T scale is not red or marked with < even though it is an inverse scale.
Tag No.PE-3-1