Pickett & Eckel Model N803-ES
Log Log Speed Rule
(ca. 1959)
slide rule
slide rule
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ManufacturerPickett & Eckel
Serial No.
Scale length25 cm
Overall length30.8 cm
Width3.8 cm
Body/Slide materialsAluminum, 2.5 mm
Post materialsStamped aluminum (straight cutout)
Cursor materialsNylon (extended) / Plastic (grooved, flat)
Scales {LL0+ LL0-} {LL1+ LL1-} DF [CF CIF {L CI} C] D {LL2+ LL2-} {LL3+ LL3-}
{12} K A [B {S:S ST} {T:T CI} C] D DI DFm
AccessoriesBrown case with belt clip and plastic bag for rule, How to Use Log Log Slide Rules (C) 1953, How to Use the Model 803 Log Log Dual Base Speed Rule, Box liner general advertising sheet, How to Adjust Your Slide Rule sheet, "Eye-Saver" sheet, intact Registration card.
Everything VG-F in a VG box. NOS?
Tag No.PE-803-2